Erotica highlights from Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists

May 4, 2010

Modern Love Examiner Tinamarie Bernard gave Peep Show a glowing review and highlighted several of the stories:

Peep Show is a top-notch assembling of eighteen sexy stories that center around the delicious theme of watching or being watched. As Bussel says in the introduction of Peep Show, “There’s a sense of the forbidden in many of the stories you’ll read here, whether money changes hands or not.”

What surprised Modern Love when reading this anthology wasn’t just how arousing illicit peeking can be; it’s the originality of many of the stories and settings, and the sense of respect these peeping Toms and Thomasinas have for their fetish.

Many notables stand out. Glass, by Nobilis Reed, is perhaps the most complex, with consensual voyeurism layered upon the unexpected. Without giving anything away, the story involves at least two women and two men, and if you include the reader, there’s a lot of peeping going on.

Sleeping Beauty by Malcolm Ross is as much about watching your naked wife sleep, as it is homage and expression of love and desire. “Some people might think that the only ones with sexual secrets are those having affairs, or single folks with wild lives that involve a different bed parter every night. But me? I’m a happily married man with a dirty little secret: I like to watch my wife, Inez, sleep…watching her at rest turns me on, makes my d**k come alive,” confesses the protagonist about his passion and appreciation for his wife’s vulnerable form.

In Missing Michael, M. March captures the angst and guilt of losing a love one and the guilt of moving on; be prepared for a surprise when you find out who’s stealing glances from afar.

And Sommer Marsden does a fine job of describing a husband’s longing for sexual satisfaction and the return of his pregnant wife’s appetites in Satisfaction Guaranteed. “The pregnancy was almost over, but by god, it felt to him as if she’d been pregnant for years…he still missed her. His wife. Them. Together. He missed the morning sex when they avoided kissing because it was just better to use those morning-breath mouths…” elsewhere, Marsden writes in the beginning of the story.

Podcast audio version of “Calendar Girl” from Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists

December 29, 2009

Nobilis Erotica has created an audio version of Angela Caperton’s story “Calendar Girl” (the one I “reenacted” with the roses over my boobs in the book trailer) from Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists (click to watch trailer and read more about the book).

Great Peep Show review at Erotica Readers & Writers Assocation

November 30, 2009

Kristina Wright gave Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists a rave review:

The themes of voyeurism and exhibitionism are explored in a variety of fresh ways in this collection. Lolita Lopez’s “Indecent” offers a clever twist on the overdone college-coed-turned-stripper. Here, the college coed daringly strips at various spots around campus for an underground—and increasingly large—audience. In “Clean and Pretty,” Japanophile Donna George Storey’s creates a unusual club where the act of bathing becomes an art of erotic exhibitionism. Storey never fails to entertains readers with her unique perspective and elevates the peeping tom story to a mutual fantasy for sex worker and client.

Paying homage to the pinup girls of the 1950s, Angela Caperton crafts a sweet and sexy tale in “Calendar Girl.” Her protagonist discovers the power and lure of sexuality in a pinup calendar and goes a step further to become a “pinup” herself, thanks to a willing photographer. Kissa Starling gives a unique spin to the ever popular theme of sex in a movie theater in “Busted.” Instead of attempting to avoid detection, her wanton couple gets off on performing—and inspiring—another couple. The story is fun and daring and perhaps enough to inspire a few readers, despite the title.

Peep Show author interview with Andrea Dale

November 9, 2009

How did you come up with the idea for your story “Now You See Her” in Peep Show?

“Now You See Her” is a companion piece to my story “Come to My Window,” which appears in Where the Girls Are: Urban Lesbian Erotica (Cleis Press, 2009). The protagonist in “Come to My Window” is a naive small-town girl who moves to the big city (Montreal) to be an assistant to a sexy, confident, dominant woman. The woman introduces the girl to the city on many levels, including fucking her against a plate-glass window looking out over the city and telling her to imagine the people watching, enjoying, maybe taking pictures…

So when the call for submissions came for Peep Show, my first thought was, well, who IS watching? The answer was a couple who knows the woman, has met the girl, and who discovers they’re more voyeuristic than they realized…

Did the story change as you were writing it from your original conception of it?

Not really, no. I had it pretty much sussed out before I started writing. The little scenelet at the end wasn’t planned, but grew naturally from the writing and was a nice capper to the story, I thought.

What’s your favorite line or paragraph from your story?

Shane was taking picture after picture, glancing up from the camera every so often to just watch the action across the street. Emilie was spanking Katy, and while Katy’s hips jerked forward every time Emilie’s palm landed, they rolled in pleasure in between the blows. I doubted Katy was even aware she was doing it, and I wished we had a video camera as well.

Is your Peep Show story similar to or different from your usual erotic writing style?

I’d say it’s pretty similar. I had a stronger sense of the characters in my head than I usually do, but in a story this short, I can’t say that translated as much to the page.

What do you think is sexy about exhibitionism and/or voyeurism?

It’s all those fun words: Illicit. Naughty. Wicked. Forbidden, even. We’re taught that sex should be private–and in many occasions, that is how it should be. But it shouldn’t necessarily always be, and breaking free of “should” and “proper” is incredibly hot. With voyeurism, it’s fun to see what you can’t see while you’re having sex yourself…I actually like to see some close-up penetration shots in my porn! With exhibitionism, I think it’s sexiest when one person is a little too shy or embarrassed or reticent, and the other person “makes” them do it (because it’s what the shy person really wants, deep down!).

If you care to answer, are you more of a voyeur, exhibitionist, or neither? Do you think there’s something inherently exhibitionistic about writing, especially writing erotica?

Probably more of a voyeur myself. I love people watching, whether innocently or when I’m thinking “I wonder what he kisses like? I wonder what she looks like when she comes?” It’s part of being a writer–plus I’m being voyeuristic with each and every one of my characters!

For me, I don’t think writing is exhibitionistic. I’m writing about characters, not myself (even if there might be elements of myself), and I’m writing fiction (even if a detail or desire might come from my life). If someone asks me, with waggled eyebrows, whether I’ve done everything I’ve written about, I like to point out that I’ve never had sex with a vampire, a merman, or a shape-changing cat woman. Or, sadly, with a kinky rock star… Dammit!

What are you working on next?

It changes daily! I’ve got one novel in revision, one novel I’m finishing up, and there are at least three anthologies I’d like to submit stories to in the next month or so. As tempting as NaNoWriMo is, this year I’m just not in the right place to start a new novel! Maybe in December…

Andrea Dale’s (“Now You See Her”) stories have appeared in Do Not Disturb and Afternoon Delight, among many others. With coauthors, she has written A Little Night Music and Cat Scratch Fever. “Now You See Her” is a companion story to “Come to My Window,” in Where the Girls Are. More at

Below is an excerpt from “Now You See Her” by Andrea Dale. To read the whole story, check out Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists. Read excerpts from all 18 stories in Peep Show by clicking here.

“Her main thing is exhibitionism. She likes to show off, likes to show off her partners. Likes to humiliate them a little bit, but not in a mean way.” I was having trouble thinking, between the aftereffects of the martinis and Shane’s skillful hands making my blood rush from my brain to pool in my groin. “Am I making any sense?”
“Oh, yes,” he said. “You definitely are. Keep talking.”

“Don’t want to,” I said, reaching for him.

He braceleted my wrist with his fingers, pulled me away. “Yes,” he said. “You’re enjoying this just as much as I am.”

I sighed, tried to focus through the haze of pleasure. “She likes to have sex in front of mirrors, to have her girlfriends watch themselves as they come. Or in a semipublic place, where someone might see. In front of a window. Nothing turns her on more than knowing her girlfriend is walking next to her in a short skirt and no panties when it’s breezy. She won’t let them reach down to catch the skirt when it fluffs up…”

Peep Show author interview with Kissa Starling

October 29, 2009

How did you come up with the idea for your story “Busted” in Peep Show?

I have a wild imagination and I constantly think up story plots. Public displays of affection are sexy hot and I couldn’t resist the urge to submit something for this anthology. The back row of a deep, dark movie theater or hotel by the hour? The only difference I see is the audience and I loved writing about how both sides would react to blatant, in your face, public sexual interactions.

Did the story change as you were writing it from your original conception of it?

I had most of the plot mapped out in my head before I ever tarted typing. I’m sure I embellished once the words transferred to the computer screen but my original thoughts stayed pretty much intact.

What’s your favorite line or paragraph from your story?

Lydia squirmed around on the seat, trying to make sure no bare skin touched the fabric. They weren’t the first to play like this and they certainly wouldn’t be the last. The thought of what might be on the stadium seats made her shudder. I like this look into Lydia’s personality. She’s getting ready to “perform” in front of an audience full of movie watchers but she takes the time to think of other exhibitionists that came there before her. The shudder is actually kind of funny considering she’s preparing to do something similar to the crushed-velvet, theater seats.

Is your Peep Show story similar to or different from your usual erotic writing style?

I believe that readers will find this to be very similar to my usual erotic writing. A lot of my writing includes elements from the BDSM lifestyle. Voyeurism and exhibitionism are both rampant in dungeons all over the world where people practice the lifestyle so this wasn’t a huge stretch for me.

What do you think is sexy about exhibitionism and/or voyeurism?

Exhibitionism is the freeing of ones mind from the preconceived sexual moral notions most of us are brought up with. There’s nothing more exciting than looking up to find someone sharing a moment with you. Voyeurism is the flip side. Anyone who’s watched an X-rated movie or spied on another couple’s intimate moment is labeled a voyeur but what about those ‘people watchers’ out there? I know a lot of people who go to the mall or out to dinner with the sole purpose of ‘people watching.’ It’s a fun activity; I’ve done it myself. If those same people we love watching so much began kissing, groping or rubbing would we look away? Um, I can speak only for myself but of course not! Watching others gain pleasure from one another can bring the watcher his or her own pleasure and nothing is sexier than self pleasure.

If you care to answer, are you more of a voyeur, exhibitionist, or neither?

I definitely lean toward the exhibitionist end of the spectrum. I’m more of a get in the action type than a watcher but I can see the fun on both sides.

Do you think there’s something inherently exhibitionistic about writing, especially writing erotica?

There just may be. I mean it’s not like an author can deny knowing about certain sexual ideas or proclivities if he or she writes about them. We authors insert a little part of ourselves into every story we create. Writing is often a form of anonymous exhibitionism and it can be truly titillating!

What are you working on next?

I am currently working on the fourth book in the Lifestyle Series for Red Rose Publishing. Chalan’s Story is about a trainer and his pony. This is the first time I’ve written about the interesting fetish of pony play and I’ve learned so many things already. I hope to finish and submit it one before the end of the year.

I’m so glad to be a part of this anthology. Working with Cleis Press, and the famous Rachel Kramer Bussel, is fantastic! Learn more about me at

Kissa Starling “Busted” ( is a woman of many words. Her stories range from sweet to sizzling and everything in between. What started as a few words written in a diary has turned into a full-fledged writing career. She spends time each and every day dreaming up plots, researching settings, and dreaming up characters.

Below is an excerpt from “Busted” by Kissa Starling. To read the whole story, check out Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists. Read excerpts from all 18 stories in Peep Show by clicking here.

“What are you wearing?” My man is such a perv. No wonder we get along so well.

“Everything that you requested. Why don’t you let me drive and then you can see what I’m wearing in person?” She laughed into the phone but Andy stayed silent. At times she wondered what she was doing with such a serious lover, but then she remembered the way he made her feel when he…

“Lydia. Are you there?”

“Yes, I’m here.” She squinted against the glare of the car traveling opposite her.

“Tell me what you’re wearing.” Lydia swerved to the right to avoid going over the yellow line.

“A short skirt…” So short that my ass peeks out.

“No panties, right?”

“Of course not. My black thin silk shirt…”

“No bra, right?” Why can’t I ever finish a sentence?

“No, Andy, no bra. Listen I have to drive.”

“Don’t hang up that phone.” Silence. “Tell me about your bush.”

“Again, just as you like it. I haven’t shaved in weeks.” Ten million men like bare pussy and I get an Indian guy who loves hair!

“Mmm. I can’t wait till you get here. You have me hot already. Now get off of that phone. You shouldn’t be talking and driving at the same time.” Just thinking of the night ahead spurred tingles throughout her body.

“Really? Well than maybe you shouldn’t be calling me. See you soon.”

Peep Show author interview with Donna George Storey

October 28, 2009

Rachel’s note: Donna George Storey is one of my favorite writers and is such a huge inspiration. Her plots are always creative and blow me away with their detail and heat. Her story “Clean and Pretty” is so realistic, and plays a role in the Peep Show book trailer.

Donna George Storey

How did you come up with the idea for your story “Clean and Pretty” in Peep Show?

When I was in Tokyo in the spring of 2008, my partner and I stayed in boutique Japanese-style inn right in the middle of Ginza. It was a bargain at $400 a night, but every detail was just right, including the shower stall which was a floor-to-ceiling glass cubicle set in the corner of an elegant bathroom. The golden wood paneling and romantic lighting made showering a special experience—in Japan the bathing ritual is elevated to a religion. The possibilities for an erotic story dawned on me when I caught my husband admiring me through the steamy glass.

I’ve also always been intrigued by Japan’s commercial sex industry and was especially inspired by a book of photographs called Pink Box: Inside Japan’s Sex Clubs by American lawyer Joan Sinclair, whose patience and sincerity gained her access to this hidden side of Japanese culture. I knew from friends’ reports and my own research that new clubs come and go in Japan’s red light districts, but they all rely on a creative gimmick. Peeping into the woman’s bath is a common sexual fantasy in Japan, if porn comics are any indication, so I put that peeping Toshi proclivity together with the fancy shower to make up a pink box of my own.

The details of my “masturbation in the shower” club are based on what really goes on, but there aren’t any clubs exactly like this as far as I know. However, if any sex industry entrepreneurs are interested in developing the idea, please get in touch!

photo by Joan Sinclair from Pink Box

cover of Pink Box

Did the story change as you were writing it from your original conception of it?

The title of the story refers to the English translation of the Japanese word kirei, which means both “clean” and “pretty.” I’d always been fascinated by the dual meanings—they’re not mutually exclusive, but certainly suggestive of Japanese cultural values. So I thought it would be a good title, but as I wrote the story I discovered lots of new possibilities for the meaning of that word, both in English and Japanese, culminating in the story’s climax. I came away feeling I’d learned something about language, Japan and sex—three of my favorite topics.

What’s your favorite line or paragraph from your story?

I enjoy layers in clothes, cookies and stories, so this moment of “layered voyeurism” is a favorite in “Clean and Pretty”:

“For a moment I feel dizzy, disoriented. There are too many eyes here. I’m watching Hiro watch a stranger watch me slide my soapy genitals over the glass. Only then do I notice his right arm jerking in an odd motion. I step closer and peer over his shoulder. Hiro’s fly is open, his ruddy erection pokes up through his jeans, nestled in his clenched fist. His other hand holds a wad of tissues at the ready. Suddenly he stops. I freeze. I’ve been caught spying and will surely pay a price.”

Is your Peep Show story similar to or different from your usual erotic writing style?

For some reason, my stories that are set in Japan like “Clean and Pretty” have a special magic for me. The erotic element is always heightened, perhaps because my own thirty-year relationship with the country involves an unsatisfied yearning. No matter how far I’ve penetrated into the culture, I remain an outsider peering through the paper screen. I can definitely feel that passion in this story, which ranks among my very favorites!

What do you think is sexy about exhibitionism and/or voyeurism?

Well, whatever it is, I have to say, every single story in Peep Show really pushes all the right buttons for me. Sex is supposed to be private and hidden, so there’s that delicious sense of breaking a taboo inherent in a public display. It’s also supposed to be shameful, so to have that “dark” side of ourselves seen, accepted, and ultimately shared by the viewer feels satisfying on a deep level. It also occurs to me that we don’t spend all that much of our erotic lives actually having sex. A much greater percentage is spent thinking about it and responding to visual provocation of all sorts whether it’s a sexy media image or a smile from an attractive stranger. Peep Show takes that teasing gap in the raincoat and pulls it all the way open to bare all.

If you care to answer, are you more of a voyeur, exhibitionist, or neither? Do you think there’s something inherently exhibitionistic about writing, especially writing erotica?

I confess I’m both a voyeur and an exhibitionist. It’s impossible to write erotica and not expose a great deal about my fantasies and turn-ons, even if my characters don’t exactly mirror me in every way. Readers are obviously voyeurs, but I think a writer needs to be a voyeur as well. Watching people gives me my material and I’m certainly there in the corner spying on my characters as they do their dirty deeds, scribbling notes all the way.

What are you working on next?

I have a novel simmering, which will peep into the sex lives of famous Americans in past centuries. It’s a very voyeuristic project, and I’m having lots of fun with the research.

Donna George Storey “Clean and Pretty” ( is the author of Amorous Woman (Neon/Orion). Her fiction has been published in numerous anthologies, including Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories and X: The Erotic Treasury. She writes a column, “Cooking up a Storey,” for the Erotica Readers and Writers Association.

Below is an excerpt from “Clean and Pretty” by Donna George Storey. To read the whole story, check out Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists. Read excerpts from all 18 stories in Peep Show by clicking here.

Is Hiro watching now?

My nipples tingle, and I feel a gush of wetness between my thighs. It’s not water, no, and it’s not for the man jerking off outside the stall. It’s for Hiro gazing at me through the hidden surveillance camera.

I squeeze out more soap, rub it over my breasts and push them together as if I’m wearing some obscene bargirl’s bustier. It’s time to move on to the “Breast Soap Show.” I lean forward and press my upper body against the glass. In spite of the heat and steam, the wall itself is cool. Yet, as I rub my nipples against it, the mild sting sends sharper pangs of arousal to my cunt. I shake my shoulders slowly, sliding myself along the hard, slick surface. This is no act. I am genuinely turned on.

And Hiro? Does he feel that chilly fire in his body, too?

A face emerges from the steam, inches from the glass, eyes fixed and bulging. I shimmy faster. A tongue darts out, desperately flicking at the glass. I moan. Hiro’s tongue would be just like this, cool and unyielding. He’s a cool man in every sense of the word. He never touches his girls, he told me. Mixing work and pleasure dirties things.

But I want to be dirty. I want to be touched.

For more on Donna George Storey, see her Bottoms Up guest blog post, “Spanking for Soccer Moms” and my interview with her about The Mile High Club anthology

Great review of Peep Show by Lola at Hedo Online

October 28, 2009

Lola over at Hedo Online posted a review of Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists.

Here’s part of what she wrote:

The beauty of Peep Show is that Rachel- the editor, found the perfect formula that resulted in a book filled with erotic stories that literally anyone can relate to. There is indeed, something for everybody. From stories about a husband watching his beautiful wife sleep, the thrill of having sex in a hotel window in Germany, a worker’s fantasy made reality in the Japanese ‘water trade’, to a virgin witch pushing her own limits, Peep Show covers a vast spectrum of sexually infused tales. The authors featured are both men and women. With all stories unique and independent of each other. I’ll admit there were times I became flush with excitement and had to tame my inner sex kitten a few of the stories evoked. Then other stories had me wanting to cuddle up with my hubby in a peaceful loving embrace.

Thanks, Lola! So glad you liked it…go to Hedo Online to read the rest.

Peep Show author interview with Angela Caperton

October 27, 2009

How did you come up with the idea for your story in Peep Show?

My partner Drake is fascinated by sexy popular culture from the mid 20th Century – pulp magazines, exploitation films, and pin-up art. He’s always sharing his finds with me, so when I saw the collection title, Peep Show, it was natural for me to try and write something set back in that “Golden Age” of pin-up art and photography. I imagined a girl, innocent of her own sexuality, seduced by the power of erotic imagery into taking some chances and exposing herself. From there, the story mostly wrote itself.

Did the story change as you were writing it from your original conception of it?

The twist at the end came to me while I was writing it. My original concept was more romantic.

What’s your favorite line or paragraph from your story?

Probably this one. I think I caught something of the essence of tease in it.

All the time, the other five men clicked intently, spellbound as she was, their cameras touching her, chasing the light along her curves, fondling her breasts and bringing the nipples to explosive sensitive peaks, molding the tight curve of her thighs and hips. She turned before them, showing her bare bottom, aware that if she bent only a little, they would see the spread lips of her treasure.

But she kept that from them.

Is your Peep Show story similar to or different from your usual erotic writing style?

I am slowly learning all the different voices I have inside me (did that sound psychotic?) but for the most part, I really write two kinds of story, mostly depending on whether I am writing for an erotic market or a romantic one. I love writing both kinds, but erotic stories are a little less bound by convention. “Calendar Girl” is similar to my other erotic work. I have a story coming up in the indie pulp mag Out of the Gutter that is, in some ways, the counterpoint to this story – more about voyeurism than exhibitionism.

What do you think is sexy about exhibitionism and/or voyeurism?

So many things…

I believe all writers and artists are voyeurs. We spend much of our time watching the world and interpreting it in our heads and hopefully in our work and turning the fantasies into words or art. Exhibitionism is at least in part about the promise of aesthetic fulfillment and, when we’re lucky, erotic fulfillment, as well. The standard belief is that men are more aroused by visual stimulation than women, but I know a lot of women – including myself – who are turned on by a good-looking guy or girl showing some skin and, of course, the perfect pairing may well be a voyeur who enjoys looking and an exhibitionist who enjoys showing off. It’s wonderful foreplay.

If you care to answer, are you more of a voyeur, exhibitionist, or neither? Do you think there’s something inherently exhibitionistic about writing, especially writing erotica?

I am probably more of an exhibitionist than a voyeur. Although I appreciate naked people and I am sometimes turned on by explicit visual erotica, it’s not something I pursue often. I have a little bit of experience with exhibitionism and it is a turn-on, but again, not something I have done often. And, sure, writing erotica is exhibitionistic though many of my characters do things I would never do. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t fantasize about them…

What are you working on next?

Several things. I love writing short stories for specific markets, including your books. I find the submission calls irresistible (make of that what you will!) and they stimulate me to think of stories that I might not ever write otherwise. I’m also working on a couple of pieces that would probably be best categorized as erotic horror. Finally, when other urges don’t compel me, I’m making good progress on a sequel to my Eppie-winning erotic fantasy, Woman of the Mountain. The sequel is called Woman of the Water and it’s more focused on dominance and submission than the first book. I’m having a lot of fun writing it.

See also: guest post “Visually Aroused” by Angela Caperton on Bettie Page and her story inspiration.

Born in Virginia and later raised on a sailboat, Angela Caperton (“Calendar Girl”) has traveled extensively and appreciates the world in all its forms. Her erotic fantasy, Woman of the Mountain, won the 2008 Eppie for Best Erotica, and she has short stories in Lust at First Bite and Girls on Top.

Below is an excerpt from “Calendar Girl” by Angela Caperton. To read the whole story, check out Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists. Read excerpts from all 18 stories in Peep Show by clicking here.

Charlie appeared like a genie to take the roses and she stood and walked to the screen, her breath faster and the line between her legs sodden and dripping. Desi paused beside the screen, looking at the lurid curtains and the sofa, like something in a sultan’s harem. She thought of the Arabian Nights and the woman who kept herself alive by telling stories, by enchanting a man with her talents.

She thought of April and her nipples tightened.

She shed her blouse, camisole and bra without hesitation, and before she put the blouse back on, she looked at the costumes on hangers behind the screen. Some of the shining fantasies were no bigger than her hand, and her nipples grew as hard as marbles as she imagined herself in glossy black and white, shining patches of satin. She stole a glimpse of herself in the mirror, unable to look directly at her image, the rising curves with dark rigid tips, and her face that of the woman in Bobby’s photos.

She slipped on the sheer blouse and buttoned it to the place Mr. Bentley had asked for, aware of every place the linen touched her, its cling no more than mist, but intense as a warm finger. She stepped from behind the screen, her blood pulsing in her ears, her throat, and her treasure. Almost giddy, she walked toward the men and their cameras.

Peep Show author interview with Jennifer Peters

October 23, 2009

Jennifer Peters

How did you come up with the idea for your story, “People in Glass Hotels,” in Peep Show?

Like my main character in “People in Glass Hotels,” I got the idea by watching Samantha Brown’s Passport to Europe on The Travel Channel. I was planning a trip to Germany—which I have yet to take—and the host of the show was visiting Berlin. The hotel she stayed in, the Velvet Hotel, had floor-to-ceiling windows, and the first thing I thought when I saw it was, “Wow, that’s an exhibitionist’s dream!”

Did the story change as you were writing it from your original conception of it?

Aside from the hotel, I didn’t really have a vision for the story beforehand. When I sat down to write it, I just started typing and let it go wherever it needed. By the time I reached the end, the only thing I knew had happened was that my couple had had sex in the hotel window; I had to go back and read it to find out the finer details of the story.

What’s your favorite line or paragraph from your story?

“Other times, I’d sit down at the computer with my vibrator and let it buzz deep inside my aching cunt while I looked at the hotel’s website, the exterior photos exciting me more than any of the real porn my husband liked to bring home.”

Is your Peep Show story similar to or different from your usual erotic writing style?

Since I spend most of my time writing and editing for adult magazines, my story for Peep Show was much less porny than my usual style.

What do you think is sexy about exhibitionism and/or voyeurism?

There’s something innately erotic about watching and being watched. Not just during intimate moments, but during even the most mundane minutes. Having someone look on as you eat lunch, read a book, pay for a purchase, it makes you wonder what they’re thinking and if those thoughts are dirty. And as the watcher, it’s easy to find ways to eroticize your subject’s every move. Especially if you don’t know the person, it’s exciting to imagine them in a new situation—or have them imagining you in that same position.

If you care to answer, are you more of a voyeur, exhibitionist, or neither? Do you think there’s something inherently exhibitionistic about writing, especially writing erotica?

I’m definitely more of a voyeur, but not just in the erotic sense; I’m a big fan of people-watching, and I love trying to guess who people are, what they do, where they’re going.

Writing erotica can be exhibitionistic if you let it, but for the most part my writing is entirely fictional—or based on someone else—so it doesn’t feel like exhibitionism. But on the occasion that there is a tinge of truth in my stories, I do feel incredibly exposed and can’t help looking around wondering if my editors know that a part of me is in the piece.

What are you working on next?

Most of my writing time is devoted to the family of Penthouse magazines and websites, where I’ve been for almost four years. Outside of that, I have no idea what’s going to happen next.

Hear Jennifer Peters read from “People in Glass Hotels” on Thursday, November 19th, 8-10 pm at In The Flesh Reading Series, Happy Ending Lounge, 302 Broome Street, NYC. Free, 21+, with 300 free cupcakes, click here for full details.

Below is an excerpt from “People in Glass Hotels” by Jennifer Peters. To read the whole story, check out Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists. Read excerpts from all 18 stories in Peep Show by clicking here.

Felix made the next move, and before I could look away from the glass, he’d pushed me up against it. My breasts were flattened against the cool, smooth surface, and when I looked down, I could see several people looking back up at meæor at least I told myself they were all looking at me; it was hard to tell which window had captured their attention, and I was a bit distracted. I sighed as I stared down at them, and then Felix was pressing his body against mine, his stiff dick nestling between my asscheeks as he kissed my neck and ran his hands up and down my body, eventually wrapping his arms around me and letting his hands wander down toward my pussy. When a finger brushed my wet pussy lips, I moaned and pressed my forehead against the window, my eyes closed tight. When I opened them, however, there were still people staring up at me. And this time I was sure it was me they were watching, because the handful of people from a minute earlier were still there and were now joined by others, some of them pointing up at the window.

“They’re watching us,” I breathlessly told Felix, and he mumbled something in my ear that sounded a lot like, “No, they’re watching you,” though his voice was so rough with passion that it was hard to make out his exact words.

Peep Show book trailer!!

October 22, 2009

I’m so excited about this trailer! If you like it too, please consider rating it on YouTube. Big thanks to Ida for letting me use their song “599.”