Peep Show author interview with Nobilis Reed

October 21, 2009

How did you come up with the idea for your story, “Glass,” in Peep Show?

The story started life as the first segment, all by itself, an inspiration that drew from my job during college as a security guard. Part of my job included manning a camera bank and making recordings of anything I saw that would be of interest to my employers, basically anything illegal or unethical. There was a good deal of debate on the security team about what that actually meant and what we should be recording.

Ever since then I’ve had little fantasies dancing around in the back of my mind.

Did the story change as you were writing it from your original conception of it?

I dislike stories that don’t have some kind of twist in them, and I tend to avoid writing stories that have a clear-cut “victim.” Those two influences, together, guided my efforts in completing the story. Once the inspiration dawned, writing the rest of the rough draft was fairly simple. The fact that I could add in a little meta-voyeurism was a bonus.

What’s your favorite line or paragraph from your story?

The last one, which unfortunately I can’t reproduce here without spoiling the story!

Is your Peep Show story similar to or different from your usual erotic writing style?

Usually I write more “speculative” fiction, that is, science fiction or fantasy. I probably could have set this story in a “total information awareness” society but it wasn’t really necessary. In retrospect it’s probably a better story for having left that element out. The focus on the thoughts and feelings of the characters involved is very much my style, however. Aside from the speculative elements I don’t believe this story is much different from what I usually write.

What do you think is sexy about exhibitionism and/or voyeurism?

For the exhibitionist, there’s a kind of validation to it. “If a complete stranger likes me like this, then I must be really hot/macho/whatever!”

For the voyeur, it’s more like “This person is putting on a show just for me!”

If you care to answer, are you more of a voyeur, exhibitionist, or neither?

Both. I’m not paraphiliac about it — I don’t need to be engaging in it to get off — but there’s definitely a charge for me both in being watched, and in watching. The “shower scenes” from the movies Porky’s and Private School were some of the first times I saw naked bodies on screen!

Do you think there’s something inherently exhibitionistic about writing, especially writing erotica?

And yes, there’s definitely an exhibitionist quality to writing and publishing erotica. One of the most fulfilling qualities about it is putting aspects of my own sexuality (fictionalized and disguised, of course) out for public consumption, and having them accepted, praised, and even rewarded. It’s an incredible rush!

What are you working on next?

Currently, I’m writing the outline for my second novel, Pirates, while I gear up for the publication of my first novel, Scout, which will be coming out in mid-2010 from Logical Lust.

Nobilis Reed (”Glass”) takes care of his disabled wife, teenage kids, and too many cats, occasionally taking flights of erotic fancy that then become enmeshed in his brain until writing exorcises them. His career in smut has so far produced four novellas, which you can find at

Below is an excerpt from “Glass” by Nobilis Reed. To read the whole story, check out Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists. Read excerpts from all 18 stories in Peep Show by clicking here.

The glass dildo, this time. Yes, definitely the glass. Mira unlocked the bottom drawer and selected the hard transparent shape from the jumble of torpedoes and plastic phalluses and laid it on the desk in front of her.

A gentle curve, a pleasant shade of blue, a few tiny bubbles trapped inside: it could almost pass for a work of art. She smiled at the thought of just leaving it on the shelf alongside the walkie-talkie and the heavy ring of keys. Would anyone say anything? She doubted it.

The couple on her monitor stopped kissing and pulled at each other’s clothes. Mira looked up. It wouldn’t be long now, but where was that damned lube? Bit by bit, their bodies came into view. They were beautiful, both of them. Every Friday they showed up, performed their pas de deux, and left again. She had invented a hundred stories to explain their presence in the depths of the darkened parking garage. Not for the first time, she thanked the nameless engineer who’d invented night-vision video cameras.

She leaned back in her chair, pulled open two buttons of her blouse, and moved one hand into the gap.


Peep show book review by Jason Frost

October 20, 2009

Love this review by Jason Frost on of Peep Show:

Everyone loves to watch and everyone DOES watch. This sexy collection tells both sides of the story. I loved this collection because the sex was everywhere and so were the opportunities to watch. I mean really, is there anything that gets our blood pumping faster than watching someone get the ultimate pleasure? No, not really. `Peep Show’ takes us into the world of both people who love to see and people who love to be seen. This is a very, very sexual collection and will arouse your emotions and your physical self. It’s not unusual to reread your favorite stories in a collection, but is it normal to memorize them? 🙂 Ah well… either way Rachel does another superb job of picking the perfect stories to go in this sultry, red hot, voyeuristic collection.

Craig J. Sorensen’s first real-life peep show

October 20, 2009

Author Craig J. Sorensen wrote the following guest post.

Growing up in a small town in Idaho, I was raised to believe that the very notion of looking in on the private lives of others was unthinkable.

I secretly loved the idea, but in my little rural subdivision, I never worked up the nerve to try my hand at a peep. I didn’t want to chance getting caught. Everyone knew everyone, and that would be a heinous crime.

As such, my first peep show was as a teenager in New York City. We were on a high-school trip and we four potato-fed Idaho boys crept out of our room at a dive of a hotel near Times Square. Beyond the standard stops that they took students, Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, and so on, we found an adult bookstore.


In the back of the store were booths with the little locks like one would see in a pay toilet. For the price of a quarter, I got my first Peep Show.

This was not a live peep (what did you expect for a quarter, kid?)/ But the experience was memorable. The show was the grandchild of the nickelodeon, and instead of watching through a small viewer akin to turn of the twentieth century stereopticon, it flashed on the door in front of me. The scene was dimly lit, matching the vibe of the small booth, and featured a young woman slowly working a glowing dildo over her body.

My friends saw much more graphic depictions of sex in their pay-by-the-pump shows.

I felt cheated. I’d never seen an adult movie and the show I saw seemed scarcely more graphic than a spread in Playboy or Penthouse, which was something I’d seen plenty of. But the image of this peep grew on me. In the end, I’m thankful that I saw the show that I did. The image was much more lasting than what was described by my friends. Maybe it says something that when a couple of them went back for another show, I didn’t.

Thirty years hence, I wonder how much of this brief film is as I remember it. Was her face so beautiful, in such rapture? Were the splashes of colors that emerged beside the roaming dildo in the red-is-grey-and-yellow-white surroundings as vivid? Was that crease down the middle of her stomach and the ridges bordering her ribs so tactile? Did her nipples rise so temptingly from her nubile breasts at the trace of the object?

Was her pubic hair, back lit by the dildo when it re-emerged from her folds really sweet-strawberry-blonde?

This was one of those slow-fuse lessons that erupts suddenly on growing perspective. I’ve been known to read the music to a song I’ve listened to for years only to find that certain notes or accents were only in my head.

I now wonder if the dildo even penetrated her body.

I now know that the magic in the peep is not just the show before us, but our investment in the tension it creates.

My story, “Ownership” from Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Peep Show examines the dynamic not only of peeping, but our investment in the peep, and how a peep becomes more vivid, like the light of the dildo along that girl-on-film’s body. The images that stay with us are often the surprise. The strange, magic moment that could never be repeated.

This is the essence of erotica – the essence of a peep.

Until next time, happy peeping!

Below is an excerpt from “Ownership” by Craig J. Sorsensen. Read the entire story in Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists. Read excerpts from all 18 stories in Peep Show here.

Troy scooted closer to Kendall and handed the other beer to her.

Her eyes were the deep slate color of storm clouds when a small shaft of sunlight had managed to peek through. Her cheeks were bright red with a bit too much blush and her slim lips were slivers of vermilion. Soft blue eye shadow shimmered like mica in a cool riverbed.

Kendall’s body language remained shy, but her full hip pressed his. The aroma of mint and beer crossed the tiny divide between their faces. She accepted Troy’s first, soft kiss. He moved his lips slowly side to side against hers, and her mouth finally opened a little. His tongue could barely fit in. The tip of her tongue was rough and tasted of malt and honey. She received the kiss awkwardly but a deep moan promised great passion. Troy’s cock was hard as a girder. He kissed along her full cheek then gently licked her ear. She moaned, and her soft curves conformed to his skinny frame like a fitted sheath to a balanced blade.

Kendall pushed him gently away and took another drink. He nuzzled her neck until another breathy sigh issued from her chest. Troy unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. Her hand started to rise as if to push him away again, but relaxed and stroked his forearm as he nuzzled again and moved down the blouse. It fell open. Troy pulled off his T-shirt. Kendall combed his chest hairs with her fingers while he untucked her blouse and peeled it from her shoulders. “Umm, just because we took off our shirts—I mean, I don’t want you to think we’re going to—” Kendall covered her bra with one arm.

“Oh, sure, sure.” Troy smiled reassuringly. His cock pushed at his zipper like a lifer on the verge of a prison break. Troy was a skilled fisherman, and knew the essential value of patience.

Read part of shower sex story “Clean and Dirty” by Donna George Storey

October 20, 2009

Okay, so “shower sex” may be overstating it…well, you have to read the story to find out!

See Fleshbot’s Peep Show excerpt from “Clean and Pretty,” about a different kind of peep show, set in Japan, by Donna George Storey.

Peep Show author interview with M. March

October 20, 2009

This is the first of several Q&As, conducted via email, with contributors to Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists.

M. March

How did you come up with the idea for your story “Missing Michael” in Peep Show?

This story, “Missing Michael,” was actually from an old novel I was working on. The whole novel was written from the point of view of a gay man, but I chickened out with finishing that novel and decided it was better to write a new novel written from the point of view of someone more like me, i.e., a lesbian. But I had saved the old novel because I really liked parts of it and thought I could salvage it eventually in one form or another. So the story in Peep Show started with the first paragraph of the first page of that old novel, but then I rewrote it so much, it bares no resemblance to that old novel at all.

Did the story change as you were writing it from your original conception of it?

Like I said, I originally planned for this to be a rewrite of that old novel, so that definitely changed. It’s kind of difficult to remember, as I wrote it so long ago, but I don’t think I had multiple viewpoints in the original conception.

What’s your favorite line or paragraph from your story?

“I’ll eat his ass like it’s a seven-course meal and suck his nipples like they’re a cold milkshake.”

Is your Peep Show story similar to or different from your usual erotic writing style?

Definitely different. I never wrote a gay erotic short story before and it seems odd that I would, considering I’m a lesbian. But there’s a part of me that can understand the beauty in men, especially queer men, and also a part of me that feels mentally like I am a gay man. Also, I had some experience in my life being in a heterosexual relationship, so I do understand the sexual appeal of a male, and the sexual experience of being with a male.

The multiple viewpoints is also different than how I usually write, and this story is much more poignant than I usually write. I tend to write funnier erotic stories. For me, I think I was trying to write about a breakup I had, which to me felt like a death, and writing about how you move on from that.

What do you think is sexy about exhibitionism and/or voyeurism?

That’s a good question. I think there’s something sexy about having sex where you could be caught, but likely won’t be. (Because I’ve been caught almost having sex once, and trust me, that wasn’t fun at all.) Like if you’re in a hotel room and you stare out the window, and you can see all these people below you, but they can’t see that you are 10 floors up having sex. It’s almost like you’re having an orgy, because these other people are sort of involved in your sex scene. I got a few hand jobs in clubs and it was done very discreetly, but I got such a high, thinking, “I’m doing this and all these people are watching me, but they don’t realize it.” I’m not even sure I can put it into words why it’s exciting, but it is.

Voyeurism is not really my bag, though I will admit I like some films where people are having sex. And it’s kind of cool in the summertime when my female neighbor decides not to bother with a shirt.

If you care to answer, are you more of a voyeur, exhibitionist, or neither? Do you think there’s something inherently exhibitionistic about writing, especially writing erotica?

I’m more of an exhibitionist, as my last answer illustrates. And I think there is something exhibitionistic about writing fiction, regardless of genre. Although fiction is not true, everyone assumes that what you write is based on your personal life. And with erotica, people think God knows what kind of sex life you have. I am very private about what I tell people, but with my writing I let it all hang out, because I love writing, and to hold back exposing myself in my writing would not serve my writing well at all. It can be exciting being that exhibitionistic in writing. There’s a thrill, very similar to the thrill you get being sexual in public. It’s exciting to release a guarded part of yourself, very freeing.

What are you working on next?

I have a big Excel sheet with all kinds of deadlines I may or may not ever get to, but I really do hope to have a first draft of my novel written within a year. I signed up with NanoWriMo so I can get going on that. I am also contemplating a creative writing MFA, which I have been contemplating ever since I got the BA.

M. March (”Missing Michael”) is the pseudonym of a writer who has contributed to the New York Post, AfterEllen, AfterElton, Gay City News,, Self, Complete Woman, Time Out New York, First-Timers and Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica. Nonerotica interests include watching cult movies, browsing in bookstores, drinking strong coffee and listening to obscure disco.

Below is an excerpt from “Missing Michael” by M. March. Read the whole story in Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists. Read excerpts from all 18 Peep Show stories here.

I’ve just gotten a monster erection.

It happened when Gym Boy took off his shirt. I got this terrible craving to pinch his hard, red nipples and then my dick got huge, swollen beyond belief. I was scared someone would notice it, so I went into the bathroom to take care of myself.

And now as I touch my cock, I can’t help but see Gym Boy in swimming trunks. He is kissing me and sticking a finger up my ass and covering my prick with his mouth and I am getting so hard and I am screaming and stroking myself so fast I may have a heart attack. A part of me hopes I will. I need to see Michael again.

Oh God, this feels so good. No, not just good; I am mad with pleasure. I feel like strutting around the gym–no, all of New York–with my giant cock out for every man to see and suck.

I spy a hole in the wall and think it’s the perfect size, and before I realize how ridiculous it is, I’m putting my dick in there, and thrusting my hips, and smacking my bare ass. I am not thinking about moving out of our house. I am not worrying about how to turn down that great guy my sister wants me to date; I am not wondering how I will manage to visit my husband’s grave without having yet another nervous breakdown.

All I am doing is thinking of Gym Boy.

Naked Girls Reading November 6th in Chicago

October 19, 2009

This is the height of literary exhibitionism. I wish I could have seen them in New York last week. See their event schedule at Naked Girls Reading.

$20. Make reservations here

Naked Girls Reading – November 6th 7pm
“The Naked Girls Fall in Love”
Love Letters and Romance

Naked Girls Reading takes place at
Studio L’amour
93 W. Randolph in Chicago

Nude volleyball at ESPN

October 19, 2009

From an ESPN article on nude volleyball by Eddie Matz – see below for video:

Turns out, White Thorn has had trouble keeping the participation of a certain national sports magazine a secret. As we stand beneath an inky sky on the green asphalt of Court 1 — White Thorn boasts 11 outdoor courts — the buzz of the lights gives way to the buzz of spectators. Hundreds of bodies that moments earlier weren’t there line each side of the playing area. Many are clad (they’re nudists, not stupid) and curious. “We’re on a stage,” says Michele. “Everyone is waiting to judge us.”

Sensing we’ll chicken out, a topless woman, who had been warming up with others on the other side of the court, crosses under the net, introduces herself and cajoles us into huddling up with her. “We’ve been dying for you ESPN guys to come,” she says. “See all those people? They want to see a game. Just one, just for fun.” Then she turns to Carol, who’s dressed in sweats and a tank top, and yanks off her shirt. Game on.

We end up playing not one but two games, in varying degrees of nakedness. Noah, who had conquered his demons as soon as we parked the RVs, plays completely naked. Greg wears shorts. Carol is half-clothed, Michele fully so. “It was freaking cold,” she says later. “Plus, I was too concerned with playing well.” So am I, which is why I keep my T-shirt and shorts on. But during the first game, all I can think about is an insight shared by a White Thorn vet: When you’re around a bunch of naked people and you’re the one wearing clothes, you feel like an idiot.

Maggie Q on Central Park voyeurism

October 19, 2009

And wouldn’t you know, we hav some of that coming for you this week in the Peep Show book trailer!

Central Park in early summer is about as voyeuristic as it gets. I love seeing new couples—and old ones—enjoying one another. I love the exhibitionism. I love watching the animals communicating. Their energy gives me a buzz. Maggie Q, one of the stars of the new film New York, I Love You, as told to BlackBook

Kindle edition of Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists

October 10, 2009

Coming soon to Kindle…

Students having sex in public

October 9, 2009

That’s what UK writer Katarina Jankovic covers in her latest column:

Perhaps it is the thrill of being caught. Perhaps it is a return to our primitive desires. Or maybe we are just bored. A close friend once found herself driving totally naked around her hometown, having been caught having sex with a new squeeze in the car park of a prestigious tennis club. No names shall be revealed. Rather than being disgusted by this roguish behaviour, we were all rather impressed. It seems sex in public places is becoming less taboo, with more and more of us forgoing our warm beds at home to engage in rampant sex in the great outdoors.

The Mile High Club is a good example of sex in public places being regarded with cachet and awe. (An airhostess friend of my sister’s once told me that the easiest way to have sex on a plane was to sit at the back and warm up first…)

An Oak House kitchen table, the local park, people will never fail to disappoint with the array of sexual locations now on offer.