Nude volleyball at ESPN

From an ESPN article on nude volleyball by Eddie Matz – see below for video:

Turns out, White Thorn has had trouble keeping the participation of a certain national sports magazine a secret. As we stand beneath an inky sky on the green asphalt of Court 1 — White Thorn boasts 11 outdoor courts — the buzz of the lights gives way to the buzz of spectators. Hundreds of bodies that moments earlier weren’t there line each side of the playing area. Many are clad (they’re nudists, not stupid) and curious. “We’re on a stage,” says Michele. “Everyone is waiting to judge us.”

Sensing we’ll chicken out, a topless woman, who had been warming up with others on the other side of the court, crosses under the net, introduces herself and cajoles us into huddling up with her. “We’ve been dying for you ESPN guys to come,” she says. “See all those people? They want to see a game. Just one, just for fun.” Then she turns to Carol, who’s dressed in sweats and a tank top, and yanks off her shirt. Game on.

We end up playing not one but two games, in varying degrees of nakedness. Noah, who had conquered his demons as soon as we parked the RVs, plays completely naked. Greg wears shorts. Carol is half-clothed, Michele fully so. “It was freaking cold,” she says later. “Plus, I was too concerned with playing well.” So am I, which is why I keep my T-shirt and shorts on. But during the first game, all I can think about is an insight shared by a White Thorn vet: When you’re around a bunch of naked people and you’re the one wearing clothes, you feel like an idiot.


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