Students having sex in public

That’s what UK writer Katarina Jankovic covers in her latest column:

Perhaps it is the thrill of being caught. Perhaps it is a return to our primitive desires. Or maybe we are just bored. A close friend once found herself driving totally naked around her hometown, having been caught having sex with a new squeeze in the car park of a prestigious tennis club. No names shall be revealed. Rather than being disgusted by this roguish behaviour, we were all rather impressed. It seems sex in public places is becoming less taboo, with more and more of us forgoing our warm beds at home to engage in rampant sex in the great outdoors.

The Mile High Club is a good example of sex in public places being regarded with cachet and awe. (An airhostess friend of my sister’s once told me that the easiest way to have sex on a plane was to sit at the back and warm up first…)

An Oak House kitchen table, the local park, people will never fail to disappoint with the array of sexual locations now on offer.


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