Be in the Peep Show book trailer this Sunday!

I want YOU…to be in my book trailer! Must be 18+.

What is it?

A book trailer (like a movie trailer, but for a book) for the new anthology Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists.

It will look kindof like these previous book trailers of mine (no nudity, but fun/sexy content): Do Not Disturb and Spanked.

What I will need:

1-2 hours of your time
Dressing in fun/sexy clothes
Making out and/or playing a voyeur or exhibitionist
(For a few roles, face does not have to be shown/can be anonymous)


Sunday, October 11
3 pm – 7 pm approximately (exact details TBA very soon)
Midtown East, NYC

What you get:

A credit in the trailer
$10 cash on Sunday (or $40 total – $20/each for a male/female couple)
a copy of Peep Show

I especially need male/female couples and men for the shoot!

Email with your name, age, availability, and any ideas you have for it. We have some scenes we need to shoot but creativity is always welcome.


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